The last day of the first quarter of the best year of your life is already here!  Time to show what you know 🙂 Agenda Exam 2 Homework Turn in the following:2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4a, 2.4b, 2.4c, 2.5a, 2.5b, 2.5c, Mass-Moles-Ratios Packet  

Pre-AP Day 26

As we wrap up the unit, we will look at how energy is used for phase changes, then review concepts for the exam. Agenda Bond Enthalpy Q&A Practice 2.1c stamps Heating Curves Unit 2 Concepts Homework Prepare worksheets to turn in: 2.1 packet, Practice 2.1b, Practice 2.1c  

AP Day 25 – Heating Curves

Today we get to wrap up the Analytical Chem topic.  So far, you have broken down conversion problems intentionally, now we will solve them and look at the concept of having two starting reactants. Agenda 2.5a/b stamps 2.5c – Evaluating Limiting Reactant Edpuzzle Limiting Reactant Whiteboarding Unit 2 Content Summary […]

Pre-AP Day 25

We’re almost done with thermochemistry concepts.  Today we will look at ways to find enthalpy of a reaction by various methods. Agenda Quiz 2.1a/b Grading/Recap Hess’s Law discussion Practice 2.1c Bond Enthalpy Terms Homework Complete Practice 2.1c Finish the 2.1 Packet and problems  

AP Day 24 – Hess’s Law

You’ve seen how to convert between grams and particles.  Let’s get some very specific practice in using the APE method of problem solving. Agenda 2.4c stamps 2.5a – Analyzing 2.5b – Planning Homework Finish up the 2.5a-b practice worksheets (check the key and correct) Complete the Limiting Reactant Edpuzzle  

Pre-AP Day 24

Now that we’ve had time to process the Q1 survey, we’ll reflect on it and then get into some basic conversion practice Agenda Q1 survey recap 2.4a Practice – Molar Mass 2.4b Practice -Mole-Particle Conversions Homework Finish up the 2.4a and 2.4b practice worksheets (check the key and correct)  

Pre-AP Day 22

Let’s make a handwarmer!!! Agenda Handwarmer Lab Background Handwarmer Pre-Lab Part I: Calorimeter Constant Part II: Testing 3 Salts Homework Complete the post-lab analysis and post lab questions before class Tuesday.  

AP Day 23.5 – Handwarmer Lab

Today you’ll have an opportunity to show me what you understand about heat and calorimetry! Agenda 2.1a/2.1b Quiz Handwarmer Pre-Lab Homework Plan to be here Saturday at 8AM for the lab.  

AP Day 23 – Quiz 2.1a/2.1b

We’ve practiced determining molar mass for compounds using the periodic table and converting between moles and particles using Avogadro’s number.  Now it’s time to put the pieces together and convert from grams to particles through the mole. Agenda 2.4a/2.4b corrections 2.4c Practice Homework Finish up the 2.4c practice worksheet (check […]

Pre-AP Day 23

Calorimetry is a lab technique that allows us to us temperature data to determine energy of a process.  Today, we will explore this concept in some depth. Agenda 2.1b edpuzzle recap 2.1b Q&A Calorimetry Simulation Homework Study for Quiz 2.1a/2.1b, (Friday) Plan to be here Saturday at 8AM for the […]

AP Day 22 – Calorimetry